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Revolutionary Way of Trading: Ying Yang Condemns Global Forces Fighting For superiority

A new revolutionary way of trading that is the universal law of Ying Yang opposing forces battling for superiority.Expansion and contraction!. Regular updates Daily like Follow and turn on Notifications universal law is primary and everything follows...



All charts & assets follow universal law of opposing forces fighting for superiority.I will explain more about this revolutionary way of trading & how magnificently accurate it is! Everything is Ying yang Finance is no different.We are just seeing it in lineally. Volume over time

Chaos does not exist!!!!

This system is applicable on ALL time frames as Ying Yang is the fractal nature of our universe .. all of the Ying Yang Fibonacci

formations occur in different states if rotation and in different directions,Like Follow and turn on Notifications to learn and understand. BTC

Not only Fully integrated with traditional Technical Analysis but this system gives explaination as to Why pattern formations occur!! All Form is Created from Frequency! Candles Formations are the result of the Particular Rotation of the Ying yang fibonacci frequency waves.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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