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What are the Definitions of Web3 DAOs?

Great article about different types of DAOs by @bcc_council

But What are all the types of DAOs ? A 🧵 Web3 cryptocurrency robloxdev NFTs crypto Metaverse rtitbot Airdrop BTC Etherum

A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding DAO Governance Models -

Protocol DAOs A protocol DAO is a kind of DAO that is designed to govern a decentralized protocol such as a borrow/lending application, decentralized exchange, or another type of dApp.

Grant DAOs Grant DAOs are are designed to facilitate nonprofit donations, strategically deploy capital assets throughout the web3 ecosystem, and are either a charitable extension of a larger project or an entirely separate entity in the DeFi space. Example

Philanthropy DAOs Philanthropy DAOs aim to help progress social responsibility by organizing around a shared purpose to create impact in the world of Web3 .

Social DAOs

Social DAOs, or creator DAOs, are focused on the self-organizing community aspect of DAOs by bringing together like-minded individuals such as builders, artists, and creatives

Collector DAOs The main purpose of Collector DAOs is for members to pool funds together so that the collective community can invest treasury funds in blue chip NFT art and other collectibles, where each member owns a share corresponding to their personal investment.

Investment and Venture DAOs Venture DAOs pool capital to invest in early stage web3 start-ups, protocols, off-chain investments, and get access to portfolios not available in traditional finance.

Media DAOs In contrast to a top-down approach where content is produced with a central agenda or influenced by advertisers, Media DAOs reinvent traditional media platforms by creating content driven by the community.

SubDAOs A SubDAO is a new kind of DAO that is a subset of DAO members that are organized to manage specific functions such as operations, partnerships, marketing, treasury, and grants.

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