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Bitcoin Price Holds Above $15500 Despite FFT Hacker &amp

GM! BTC made a new yearly low at 15476 few hours ago which shows the bears are stronger than the bulls. If it’s tested again in the next 1D chart then we will go down to 14700-13500 levels. Other scenario would be to bounce towards 18600. BTC to get more volatile!

ETH has more chance to dump badly than any other Crypto currently due to dumping of FTX hacker. He still owns 280M worth of ETH which is good enough to push it down to 700 levels. We will see ETH at lower levels so no buying is suggested! cryptomarket cryptotrading

Altcoins will be dumped very badly & this money will not go to BTC like before but it will move to stablecoins. Don’t DCA anything at the moment. Wait for the proper time to buy fundamentally strong coins with good use case. At the moment, just HODL

Summary: There is another big giant DCG looking at bankruptcy. This will not only end the institution interest on cryptomarket but also will force them to dump their 600k BTC in the open market leading to big crash. This will have huge consequence on the whole Crypto industry!

ETH will dump too because of FTX hacker & the whole panic will push people to sell their bags. We are seeing only scams these days or big companies going bankrupt. It will take several years for everyone to come back to market with confidence. cryptomarket

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