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Bitcoin Price Predictions (ETH & ETH Price Forecast)

[1\5] BTC&ETH Price predictions 📉📈

What do you think about this market, specifically with BTC & ETH price actions? I'll share what I think, based on my experience in 2008. 🧠

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[2\5]🩸 IMHO bleeding will last several weeks, about 5 or 6. Only 1 week has passed, meaning we are near the bottom, but not there yet. Good news will not affect price much, while bad news will tank it. No one knows exactly, but I think the bottoms will be:

BTC 9k - ETH 700

[3\5]🥱 After we hit bottoms, the market will not recover in 1 day, it will take some months (about 4, or 5 maybe?), where we will have little candles, before seeing the first big candle upwards. That period will be BORING, I've already gone through that.

[4\5]🔎 During this period there will be bad news, but also opportunities. Those opportunities will be rarer and more difficult to catch, I think the main priority of everyone should be to protect their assets and try to accumulate the strongest projects who likely will survive.

[5\5]🌅 @elonmusk said "BTC will make it, but might be a long winter." and I totally agree.

It will not be the end of the crypto world, but it will also take TIME and PATIENCE to let people gain confidence again.

There will be another hyped bull market. Per aspera, ad astra 🙂

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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