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Bitcoin Dominance Chart: Price vs. Altcoins

BTC.D: This is the Bitcoin dominance chart. This is btc's share relative to the crypto market (take btc marketcap/crypto market cap). Looks like btc.d might go up to the 50s for the next big move. Prob bad for alts/maybe good for BTC

How to use this chart:

1-altbtc pairs have an inverse relationship w. bitcoin dom. if btc.d goes up, alt/btc pairs go down. it means that btc is going to be a better performing investment than MOST altcoins (exceptions apply)

2-BTC.d going up is generally not good for alts means that btc is outperforming alts (which happens when btc moons or btc dooms). meaning that your shitcoins arent going to do better than btc

3- usually when the market reverses, it's btc.d going up and leading the charge. you dont want to see the entire market bottom..

when btc.d is down. you want bitcoin to lead the overall reversal (to the upside).

4-So, it looks like btc.d could be going up. This means that its prob better to be in btc than alts (if you had to choose 1). Obviously cash is probably optimal overall.

5-Alt/usdt pairs should still done fine; they just wont outperform btc (as a whole). there will still be outliers though, as there always are. Better to trade the narratives IMO.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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