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There Will Be No Room for Bitcoin Miners Without the Miners

1/ You have to question what possible benefit people like this get from posting rubbish like this about xrp. I mean how can this improve his day in any way shape or form?

2/ The btc maxis have to attack other major cryptos. They say they do this out of altruistic intentions but the reality is that they see every that goes into cryptos other than btc is a that could have gone into btc.

3/ btc has no value generating utility that will increase the price over time so the only way to get btc to go up in price is for the miners NOT to sell and the retail investors to be constantly told to buy btc.

4/ Understand that I am a btc investor and I'm not against btc. I like btc for its 4 year pricing cycle that's controlled by the miners cosy off doing business. This makes btc relatively easy to buy into and sell out of at the right times.

5/ what drives me crazy is the trash that btc maxis and the media marketing machine dribble. The guys that baught btc when it was under 100 should use their wealth to help new investors find the next opportunity for monster gains NOT promote btc which only has small gains left.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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