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NFT’s Real-World Utility: Collectibles and Collectibles

Great graphic by @blockchainhh about NFTs Real-World Utility.

What are some of the most popular utilities we use daily ?

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Collectibles: are sets of NFTs with unique traits. Like traditional collectibles (e.g., baseball cards), people consider rarity, cultural significance, and community when evaluating collectible NFTs.

Sports: Collectibles representing sports teams, players, and moments. Examples include

@nbatopshot (video clips of NBA moments) and

@Sorare (soccer players).

Generative art: Collectibles that are generated from code. For example, @artblocks_io are generated from algorithms written by programmers.

Profile pictures (PFPs): Collectibles that people buy to represent their online avatars and access PFP communities. Examples include @cryptopunksnfts and @BoredApeYC

Badges: Collectibles that represent special access or ownership within online communities. Examples include Tom Brady’s Autograph series (holders get special access to future NFT drops and a private Discord)

“Lego blocks”: Collectibles designed to be building blocks for something else. Examples include

@lootproject which features simple text lists of adventure gear. You can imagine people creating character select screens or games from Loot NFTs.

In-game NFTs: enable gamers to purchase and own in-game assets as NFTs. This is a nascent space with huge potential as gaming is by far the most popular entertainment category globally. @AxieInfinity is a leading player in this space.

Digital real estate: is exactly how it sounds; NFTs that represent plots of land in a digital setting. As people spend more time in the metaverse, creating spaces for them to interact has become a lucrative market.

Music NFTs: make it easier for artists to fund their work and for fans to share in the upside of an artists’ success.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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