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Daily Altcoin Price Update: Hitting 16.5k Market Cap, Diving Into The Green

Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update 11/22/2022 | A Thread 🧵🧵🧵


We had a great day in the cryptocurrency market as pretty much everything was in the green. BTC made a big jump up to the 16.5k mark while ETH made an even bigger rise all the way above 1.15k.

1/ NFTs had a great day as well led by the hyped mint @valhalla. This brought a lot of volume back into the market, however, the high mint price could have taken some out. Things look to be ramping up a bit so look out for it.

2/ Degen/free mint of the day: SHAMANZ GENESIS

@shamanzs is a 9898 supply collection that caught some traction earlier today. Getting close to 2300 sales on secondary, this free mint sits at around a 0.01 ETH floor, giving small profits for minters.

3/ @shamanzs is and art and lore NFT which has the goal of combining both digital and physical world utility. This is the product of @Brosmind a cool group of artists, but unless this sees big volume tomorrow it may fall to the bear market.


@valhalla is a 10k collection that had its mint today. This hyped project got over 3300 sales on secondary, and sits at a floor of around 0.77 ETH, giving solid profits for minters. Valhalla by @StackedStudios is a crypto native brand for gamers that

5/ has VC funding and an ambitious vision. While this has seen a bunch of FUD, @valhalla was very hyped and has potential. Beware market conditions however, this could act similarly to @KPRVERSE


@TakinShots_ is an exclusive 444 supply group that minted today and did well. Getting over 35 ETH in volume traded on secondary, this NFT currently sits at a floor price of 0.44 ETH. Takin Shots mixes the traditional alpha group with unique rewards from

7/ giveaways. 1-5% of all profits made are raffled back to the community, giving this an insane ROI potential. This @TakinShots_ small collection has loads of risk, but it could be very high reward.


@Cardano announced that they will launch their algorithmic stablecoin Djed in January of 2023 which will increase the scope of the network's offerings. Djed will be an overcollateralized stablecoin that is backed by a reserve of Bitcoin.

9/ @Cardano has been relatively stagnant as of late, but as we get closer to this launch, we could see some upwards movement. Keep an eye out on this as it could be a very successful.


With cryptos big gains and the Valhalla mint, a lot of good things happened in the NFT and crypto market today. While this could be shortlived, it is worthwhile to note that degen plays and secondary plays are becoming profitable once again.

11/ Look at Bored y00ts AC and Cel Mates as they have both seen gains days after their mint. Just something to note, but don't get too carried away because there is still a large bearish market sentiment. Thanks for reading and have a great day Kings. Follow if you enjoyed! 💵👑

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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