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Today’s Trading Outlook: Markets See a Mostly Green Day

1. Today's Trading Outlook πŸš€

βœ… BTC Bitcoin Chart βœ… DXY US Dollar Index Chart βœ… Flash Services PMI + FOMC Meeting βœ… Crypto Money Flow βœ… VC Funding βœ… Altcoins βœ… Conclusion βœ… Crypto News

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2. BTC chart

Price is currently touching the wedge support (now acting as resistance).

Expecting a retest move in coming hours, then later for price to break to the upside.

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3. DXY chart

Price is currently sitting at the 50% level ready for today's major news releases.

When price does this expecting big volatility today!

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4. Flash Services PMI

Actual: πŸ‘€ Forecast: 48.0 Last month: 47.8

πŸ“‰ Above forecast good for DXY / US dollar and bad for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Altcoins

πŸ“ˆ Below forecast bad for DXY / US dollar and good for cryptocurrency

5. FOMC Meeting

Wallstreet is expecting the FederalReserve to suggest that the next interest rate decision in December is to be a 50bps rise.

πŸš€ Any sign this will happen will push the US Dollar lower and the CryptoMarkets upwards!

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6. Today's Crypto Money Flow:


Stable to BTC 4B Stable to ETH 1.2B Stable to BNB 252.8M Stable to LTC 242.2M Stable to XRP 192.3M Stable to MATIC 160.9M Stable to VIDT 144M Stable to SOL 129.9M Stable to DOGE 121.1M

Rest too small to mention.

7. Outflow:

BTC to stable coins 3.9B ETH to stable coins 1.2B LTC to stable coins 227M BNB to stable coins 226.6M XRP to stable coins 191.7M MATIC to stable coins 158.3M VIDT to stable coins 137.9M SOL to stable coins 127.8M

Rest too small to mention.

8. VC Funding

πŸ’° Nucleo 4,000,000 Blockchain Service πŸ’° Thirdverse 15,000,000 GameFi πŸ’° Tropee 5,100,000 Blockchain Service πŸ’° NGRAVE Unknown Amount Binance Labs Blockchain Service πŸ’° Vezgo 750,000 Blockchain Service πŸ’° Anode Labs 4,200,000 Blockchain Service

10. Altcoins

Today the Crypto Market is seeing a mostly green day! After the Bulls confirmed a Buy the Dip move, Alts have seen gains ever since. Top leading ones include:

VIDT 86% RAMP 69% TIME 57% DC 51% DKA 50% LEVER 46% CRV 41% TEL 40% CVXCRV 35% UNIDEX 30%

11. Conclusion:

Expecting to see some volatility from the news releases later today!

The first set of news releases are expecting to be good for the US Dollar and to help BTC go down to make a pullback/retest off the wedge support (now resistance).

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12. Conclusion (cont)

Then the FOMC Meeting will be bad for the US Dollar and expecting Bitcoin to go up and break through the wedge support (now acting as resistance) and create new highs for the day!

Altcoins are expected to see good gains today!

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13. Crypto News

πŸš€ Digital bank Starling Bank bans cryptocurrency transactions

πŸš€ GAL broke through 1.6 for a short time, up 27.18% in 24 hours

πŸš€ Alameda holds NFT worth 174,000, which contains 81 Sandbox Lands

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14. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ AurumNodePool contract being attacked by vulnerabilities

πŸš€ Growfitter receives investment from Shark Tank investors

πŸš€ Litecoin whales have accumulated over 40 million worth of LTC in last 2 weeks

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15. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ FTXs remaining assets transferred and escrowed by Fireblocks sparked jurisdictional disputes between the United States and the Bahamas

πŸš€ ElonMusk says SBFs 100M Twitter stake is false!

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16. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ Ronin Network launched the developer test network Saigon, which will test the DPoS consensus mechanism

πŸš€ Sales of VR headsets may reach 12.5 million in 2022

πŸš€ Fireblocks transfer of managed FTX remaining assets sparks ownership dispute


17. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ FTX's customers are mainly located in Cayman and the British Virgin Islands

πŸš€ Lirium partners with African crypto trading platform Mara to provide access and settlement services

πŸš€ Brazils Bitpreco Exchange Plans to Expand Banking Services

18. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ Samsung's 3nm process is expected to be available as early as 2024

πŸš€ Chinese prosecutors published an article The Criminal Law of Illegally Stealing Bitcoins

πŸš€ Mining company CoreScientific has lost more than 1.7 billion this year


19. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ Vybe Network Announces Launch of Vybe Indexer Beta

πŸš€ NFT game platform OpenBlox officially launches RogueBlox Alpha test version

πŸš€ The Sandbox to launch three batches of land auctions from November 24

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20. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ MCity.life Completes USD 1 Million Seed Round Financing Led by Taihill Venture and Blue Bay Capital

πŸš€ Fenbushi Capital founder Shen Bo’s stolen funds have been partially converted into DAI

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21. Crypto News (cont)

πŸš€ Bank of England Deputy Governor says FTX Collapse Highlights Urgent Need for Stronger Crypto Regulation

Have a great day and stay "classy" crypto traders!

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