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Bitcoin Expects Bitcoin to Recover at 15.4K

BTC update

There is no change from last update

Expecting 17.4K in few weeks .

We longed at 15.6K and will likely close leverage longs if 1 on the chart is lost and short to 2.

However , I plan on holding my spot positions till 4. (1/1)

We will open new leverage longs above 3 and trade till 4. But notice that BTC is currently at a resistance. (1/2)

These are the spot positions that I currently have AVAX , QNT and TRIAS (1/3)

I still see this as a double bottom bounce at a strong support level at 15.6K. A bigger drop is still a probability in the future. But in the near future a bounce/ relief rally is more probable than a dump(1/4)

Every year we have something called a Santa rally that starts on the second week of Dec and lasts till Christmas. ( 1/5)

Expecting BTC to remain choppy until it breaks out of 16.8K. If you longed at 15.6K , this is a good place to take partial profits to the very least. (1/6)

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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