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How to Cash In Next Cycle &amp

They wanna scare you to get your money off CEXs & cash out crypto so when the bottom is here you miss it.

I agree w/ not keeping funds on CEXs... so here's how I will cash in next cycle & accumulate blue chips like BTC & ETH at cycle lows using Avalanche DeFi this bear 👇

1) I'm keeping my "buy funds" on Avalanche

network (native USDC mostly).

Use @coreapp wallet for the best experience

(you will see why in coming steps)

2) When BTC and ETH are in my buy zones (12-14k and 600-800 respectively) I will swap USDC for Avalanche native BTC.b & WETH.e with very low slippage on @traderjoe_xyz or @GMX_IO (whoever is giving me the best rate)

Will accumulate as much as I can in these zones or lower

3) When satisfied with my size, I will bridge BTC.b and WETH.e back to their native networks from Avalanche.

Bridge safely using @coreapp

- bridge BTC.b (Avalanche) to native BTC (Bitcoin network) - bridge WETH.e to WETH (Ethereum network)

4) Now I have secured my native BTC to cold storage on Bitcoin network.

For WETH, I will unwrap for straight ETH on @Uniswap (gas fee is low to unwrap)

Happy accumulating!

5) Cold storage on native network is the safe play, but if you want utility for BTC & ETH you have some options on Avalanche: - Borrow against BTC.b & WETH.e on @YetiFinance

- LP/farm @yieldyak_ @vector_fi @traderjoe_xyz @steakhut_fi

- Trade w/ leverage on @GMX_IO

etc etc

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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