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Decentralized Indicators: Using Hacked Tools

I've always been a long-term investor.

Tried to add swing strategies, but failed.

After months of research, I've chosen a set of tools and approach.

BACKTEST: BTC, last 5 years Compounded Gains:

1330x Market During Same Time:


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.@ZeroHedge_ has spent an enormous amount of time building an impressive indicator set.

This strategy is based on the Dots and Trackline tools.

Timeframe: 3-Day

Here are the rules...


Again for the backtest results...


BTC Duration:

Last 5 years

Compounded Gains:

1330x Market During Same Period:


Win Rate:

53% 23 wins, 12 losses, 8 break-evens Avg Win PNL:

49% Avg Loss PNL:



Note, this is only one of several strategies possible with these tools, and there are many others offered in his packages.

Going forward, I intend to consistently share setups on multiple timeframes, bull and bear, across multiple assets.


I want to be completely transparent.

As part of my setups, I will be sharing links to acquire these tools if interested in using yourself.

I will receive affiliate commissions to compensate for my time...


I've never promoted paid tools before.

Shied away from affiliate partnerships.

Turned down 7 figures to shill and spam all kinds of projects and exchanges (this space is brutal).

To me, this one is different...


I respect @ZeroHedge_ as a trader, and respect the way he runs his company.

My research has convinced me these tools offer more than enough value and legit edge.

Most users find they pay for themselves in 1-2 trades...


Successful trading is about finding the tools and strategy that work for you. On your preferred timeframe.

Ones that let you to leave emotions completely aside, and objectively follow a set of rules no matter the sentiment or narrative.

Keep losses small and wins larger.


I find these tools allow exactly that.

Plenty of successful traders use other approaches. These won't be for everyone.

They work for me, and I plan to share their setups.


Let me be crystal clear...

My swing trading is entirely separate from my longer term investment plan.

My thesis remains that the market has been correcting for 18 months and new highs are likely in 2023.

Swing trading allows me to manage risk if this proves wrong.


Bear or bull, this strategy showed 1330x returns, last 5 yrs, when the market returned 24x.

To explore yourself...

Live Chart:

Backtest Sheet:

Indicators (dots & track only in yearly Alpha Bundle):


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