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#BitcoinBottom is Not In, So Long?

🧵1/8 "Gurus" & old crypto millionaires says Bitcoin "bottom is in"...

Meanwhile: * FED rate hikes lower but continues * FED did not pivot * after pivot bottom in stocks takes 6-18 months * BTC charts looks like bottom ?

notesToMySelf continue read...


* VC investments extremely low:

Brett Winton on Twitter


* crypto still corelated to stocks/makro lvl * (temporary disconnect thanx to FTX scam) * real estate mkt in EU frozen * USD too expensive * EU food prices going up * EU fear war escalation with ruSSia * winter is coming * China started preparing for war for Taiwan -> chips!


* 2023 recession will cut companies profits * it will crash more crypto companies (good, crypto space needs to be cleaned) * next Bitcoin halving is far away



- bottom is not in, but close - expecting bottoming 6 months (5/2023+/-) - no V shape recovery if FED can't do QE in recession

- (they over-printed money in COVID) - relief rallies sure, will not last


- I'm still short BTC PT 15K - I'll start buying BTC heavily 15K every month 5 times - I will go all in if 12-11K

- (I will not risk waiting lower price, but it can happen)


Notes: - Not sure what is better investment for 5-10y horizon

TSLA or BTC. I think BTC - SOFI attractive price thx to FTX FUD - I like LINK (need research) - my personal top crypto accounts 2022: @ZeroHedge_ @GarethSoloway @IncomeSharks

@vojtek_milan @ShardiB2


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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