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Bitcoin Price Holds Above Critical Support Area

BTC levels πŸ”₯

Biggest BTC resistance is between 17'000 and 17'600

The current mid-term trend is bearish. BTC fell below a critical liquidity area (17.5k - 20k)

Like a magnet, the price will be pulled to the next lower level at 12.5k

BTC sell levels

➑️ 16m BTC sell orders at 17k (resistance)

firecharts @MI_Algos

BTC buy levels

➑️ 70m BTC buy orders at 12k (support) 🀯

firecharts @MI_Algos

What am I doing?

5% of my portfolio DCA into ETH and BTC with a fixed value every day.

For the rest, I'm waiting patiently for 1 of 2 possible scenarios. 1. Massive capitulation 2. Confirmation that the Bullrun started

thanks for reading

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LTC version next?

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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