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Whales – Whales Ratio of Whales = BTC

Quick overview: Whales Ratio 30D MA still too high, Whales Ratio 1D TF cooling down. While Whales Ratio 30H MA dumped once usually indicating whales preparing the next leg up.


Based on @BTCInOutAlert the netflow is almost neutral atm but inflows reduced it seems and correlates well with my observations related to whales ratio. Based on the balances we still have at least 75k BTC left since the last big increase in balance.

MM entities have increased their balances by 50k BTC since yesterday! That's a good and maybe even a bullish sign. We need patience here. They like to buy the dip to dump the market with it (institutional pattern). Too early to say if that's the beginning of an accumulation.

Based on @Mtrl_Scientist every kind of entity is buying, while they reduced liquidity to the downside and reduced sell orders volume to the upside. Imo we are still in track. More up heading 17k - 17.5k, but retest of 16.2k first. We will see. Due Thanksgiving in the US don't

expecting any big price action until next monday. Trade careful 🙏

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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