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Does History Repeat Itself?

Does History Repeat Itself? What’s The True Scenario About BTC Drop?

Some Crypto analysts compared Bitcoin's current status with the previous two years and warned that BTC could fall as low as 9,500 like in 2015, or 11,000 like in 2018 again.

Some others believe that the BTC still needs to be on-chain for more than 1B before it rocks the bottom, but it losses just 671 until now!!

Meanwhile, do not forget about Halving cycles. The next one is due recently as it’s been about 30 months since the last one! Based on these calculations we can say that Bitcoin is starting to reach a bottom!

Let’s take a look at this chart:

▪️ So what do you think? Has Bitcoin finally reached a bottom?

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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