Bitcoin Heat Day
Bitcoin Heat Day 2 minutes reading from Bitcoin

6/6/2016: The World’s Largest Crypto Market, FinTech Gains

1/6 What’s happening in Crypto by @BessageTech 24 Nov 2022

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💹Market Place 2/6 Most Bitcoin stocks tracked by BESSAGE gained on Wednesday. TeraWulf, Mawson Infrastructure and Riot Blockchain were on double digits rise, with Core Scientific, Iris Energy, Greenidge, and Cipher Mining also gaining significantly.

3/6 The spike followed New York’s fossil fuel-powered cryptocurrency mining ban’s signing into law, which is imposing a two-year moratorium on issuing of new permits for fossil fuel power plants that house proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining.

4/6 DCG-Owned Foundry Digital Plans to Acquire 2 ‘Turnkey’ Facilities from Compute North, a miner that had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sep 22. The sites will give Foundry 17 MW of operational capacity and “a fleet of mining machines owned by Compute North.”

5/6 Singapore’s largest bank by market cap, DBS, completed a fixed income trade on JPMorgan’s blockchain network Onyx. DBS said it is the first Asian bank to use the Onyx network, which is a blockchain-based fixed income trading network, to complete a trade.

6/6 FTX had its first hearing on Tuesday, letting the company’s lawyers finally get a better sense of just what was going on at the bankrupt crypto exchange.

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