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Time for a Bull Run – IMO Will Heap It Until the Spring

It is TIME for my bull run πŸ’Ž which IMO will all 20-30x.

I believe we are close to BTC bottom and between now and the spring will be a great time to get into longs. Obviously, my opinion so do with that what you want.

Comment below on what you think! πŸ™πŸ»

1) INV @InverseFinance

About to change DeFi forever by offering stability and predictability in borrow rates. Read more here! πŸ‘‡πŸ»

ATH is 2,075 (coin index) and cap is 4.9 million with over 80% coins in circulation.

Inverse+ on Twitter

2) LQTY @LiquityProtocol

Super underrated DeFi protocol. Backed by @PanteraCapital and offers interest free loans backed by ETH with no payback time.

They have done over 4 billion in loans since 2021.

ATH is 146 (coin index) and cap is 47 mill with 84% in circulation

3) RBN @ribbonfinance

Use derivatives like options to generate sustainable, risk-adjusted yield.

Recently launched @aevoxyz which expands them into next gen option exchanges.

Read more here! πŸ‘‡πŸ»

ATH is 5.54 and cap is 110 mill with 58% in circulation

Ribbon Finance on Twitter

4) NCT @PolySwarm

Threat intelligence & detection community helping security teams detect new and emerging malware

IMO the best out there and you get paid for it!

Read more here πŸ‘‡πŸ»

ATH is .17 and cap is 11 mill with 82% in circulation

PolySwarm - Crowdsourced threat detection

5) DESO @desoprotocol

Simply put, decentralized social media

DeSo is a new type of layer-1 blockchain that can scale and store social content for a fraction of the cost. You are in control and own what you post.

ATH is 198 and cap is 80 mill with 82% in circulation

6) SYN @SynapseProtocol

The most widely used cross-chain messaging system and bridge.

Recently created the Synapse chain which is why this is a 20-30x IMO!

Read more here πŸ‘‡πŸ»

ATH is 4.92 and cap is 88 mill with 56% in circulation.

Synapse Protocol on Twitter

7) DDX @DDX_Official

DerivaDEX is a decentralized exchange with the performance and security traders need. IMO we see a big push to DEX next run.

Backed by @coinbase and many more.

ATH is 15.28 and cap is 14 mill with 26% in circulation.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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