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What’s Happening in Crypto

1/5 What’s happening in Crypto by BESSAGE 25 Nov 2022

💰 BTC Price: 16517.44 🔋 Hashrate:254.45 EH/s 📊 Difficulty:36.95 T Bitcoin BTC cryptocurrency Crypto airdrop Blockchain climate

2/5 CZ said after FTX's downfall, there will be "a little bit" more contagion, but the overall industry is "fine." and Binance targets 1 billion for 'industry recovery fund' and address will be public so that people can keep tabs on contributions.

3/5Onchain Analysis Verifies the Number of BTC Held by Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust On Nov. 23, OXT, Researcher Ergo tweeted about the on-chain forensics, confirming that Coinbase Custody holds a balance of 633K bitcoins that may belong to the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

4/5Lower installed ATM capacity New data has shown that as many as 6,100 crypto and bitcoin ATMs were installed in 2022. The latest figure is approximately three times less than the ATMs that were installed in 2021. which has over 34k crypto ATMs, accounts for nearly 90% of all.

5/5SBF-FTX impact The persistent put bias indicates the market is squarely focused on contagion sparked by the downfall of SBF's FTX, formerly the world's third-biggest crypto trading platform, and is unlikely to find a bottom solely on the back of improving macro conditions.

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