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Analysis of On-Chain Data

Crypto cryptocurrency BTC BTC Bitcoin NFA How can we deal with complicated on-chain data?(2)

1) We are going to continue about the massive analysis of on-chain data, we can find on the chart below, the “aggregate inventory of all JieData Labels” is increased, which means that we cumulated the all the labels include exchange /contract address and more.

In this way, we can understand the macro-environment of the market.

2) The step below is very important for analysis the market, now, we go through the chart to check the transaction.

3) We find that there are a huge number of LINK inflowed to Binance top-up wallet address,let us find that who did this and where those coins come from. We use the “address analysis”, find out that those coin come from the altcoin contract address.

4) When we click any line in the chart, we can see the time stamp for each trans. After a few “double click”, we found out those coins come from a address label as “Chainlink team”.

5) Where will this action lead to? We can check the historic data of this link:

they use to top up a larger number of link into Binance wallet in 2019.07.

Bitcoins, Altcoins, JieData help you catch all the coins.

6) If you are interest, you can check the link, next time we will share “how to find smart money address”, see you then.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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