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AltLayer: A Protocol-Tailer for the Future

🗝️Key features of AltLayer @alt_layer

> Application-Tailored > Resource Optimized > Modular Design with Multi-VM support > Tiered Security > Highly elastic with extremely low latency

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@alt_layer /1 AltLayer can be viewed as a Layer 3 protocol that derives its security directly from a Layer 1 or indirectly from a Layer 2 in a recursive manner. (@Dorothy_defi)

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@alt_layer @Dorothy_defi /2 Application-Tailored: Several applications such as GameFi, Metaverse, privacy-preserving applications among others often need specific tailoring or library support that is otherwise not available on a general purpose L1 or L2 due to the underlying limitation of the VM.

@alt_layer @Dorothy_defi /3 AltLayer not only comes with EVM support but also WASM support that will allow applications to access any web assembly code, thereby expanding the types of applications that can be built.

AltLayer NFT OttieNFT Whitelist Web3 Crypto BTC ETH

@alt_layer @Dorothy_defi /4 Resource Optimized: Unlike all Layer 1s and Layer 2s, AltLayer presents a unique execution layer that can be instantiated at any time by a dApp developer, utilized for as long as needed, and then disposed of.

@alt_layer @Dorothy_defi /5 AltLayer achieves this by providing a transient execution layer via a concept of flash layering. Flash layering comes with a plug-and-play and cloud-service-like solution called FlashLayer for dApp developers to use when the application expects a burst in demand.

@alt_layer @Dorothy_defi /6 Once a FlashLayer is disposed of, all the related resources are freed and the dApp’s state is rolled up to the underlying Layer 1 chain. A dApp developer will have incentives to free the FlashLayer when the blockspace on the underlying Layer 1 chain is not so scarce.

@alt_layer @Dorothy_defi /7 Modular Design with Multi-VM support: AltLayer is designed to be a modular execution layer that performs optimistic execution and is easy to integrate with any Layer 1 or Layer 2 and therefore will have an outreach that spans developers across heterogeneous chains.

@alt_layer @Dorothy_defi /8 Given the different runtime supported by different chains, AltLayer is designed to support multiple VMs in particular EVM and WASM among others.

@alt_layer @Dorothy_defi /9 Tiered Security: AltLayer offers a three-tiered approach to security that caters to a user’s security budget: a) Low Budget b) Medium Budget c) High Budget

I'll tell you about it later...

@alt_layer @Dorothy_defi /10 Highly elastic with extremely low latency: AltLayer presents a dApp developer with its own Layer 2 that is highly elastic and comes with very low latency. This is essentially because it implements an architecture similar to optimistic rollup design as in Arbitrum.

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