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11 (n) Paths to Free Usselves from Bitcoin

So what have we learned? BTC Crypto 🧵👇

2/n We have seen countless examples of scams, fraud, negligence, etc...all leading to the evaporation of people's money. I'm not a Bitcoin maxi, but I understand their resolve. I also understand the purpose of one of their primary chants...Bitcoin fixes this.

3/n Bitcoin was always about decentralization and self-custody. The idea of centralized exchanges didn't come around until Mt. Gox, and we all know how that turned out. FTX is just another example of centralization and custodial exchanges being the problem, not the solution.

4/n I see people asking, "well who the hell am I supposed to trust?" When it comes to your money, you shouldn't ever have to trust any person or institution. You should be able to only trust math. Bitcoin was designed around this concept.

5/n We hear people say institutional adoption is critical for mass adoption. This is backwards. It takes longer, but mass adoption is about us, the people actually using this technology. If you're just here to make money, you are going to have a bad time.

6/n "Bitcoin fixes this" doesn't mean explicitly Bitcoin...it means true decentralization fixes this. Currently, Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized blockchain network. I would love to see other projects challenge Bitcoin more, but for now, it is what we have.

7/n I love other projects too, so don't @ me with what about eth or what about tez....I use them, but neither of those projects has anywhere near the decentralization and security of Bitcoin. It's not even close.

8/n So why am I spouting all of this now? Because we are about to usher in the most advanced and thorough surveillance system ever seen by humanity in the form of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

9/n There is no going back if we accept this fate. Our money will all be completely controllable by both governments and private banks. If they don't want you buying something, they won't let you. If they think you've spent enough this week, they can turn your money off.

10/n Sounds hyperbolic, but it isn't. With the power of CBDCs, we will have to trust that governments and central banks have our best interest at heart. Which, yeah...that's never once been the case ever.

11/n So what is the solution? Bitcoin fixes this. No matter what you do in the crypto space...if it is art/NFTs, or trading, or P2E gaming...avoid at all costs spending or selling your Bitcoin...and all the while continue to stack sats...even small amounts.

12/n We cannot give in. In the 90s, the walled cathedral of proprietary software was choking innovation. Suddenly, a massive explosion in Open Source Software changed all that. Bitcoin is our opportunity to break the walled cathedral of finance. Our opportunity to free ourselves.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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