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7 Things You Should Know Before Buying Bitcoin

Market psychology 101.

The general sentiment is like “Bro, look at the macro, the world economy is shit, BTC will plunge more”.

The reality is that people have no clue about the economy, they regurgitate what they heard on news, trying to predict the future based on it. 🧵1/7

1. The market doesn't that is yet to be announced is already priced in.

Bottoms are formed when everyone is convinced that crypto and Bitcoin will drop to unimaginable levels and not survive.

2. The crowd will wait for lower prices (they will never buy even if they come) until the disbelief stage: “This is a sucker’s rally, it will fail like the others”.

Most of them are victims of propaganda.

3. Market makers or those who are pushing the prices and the market down take care of the overall sentiment and pay journalists, mass media, etc to spread bad news.

Then, at some point, the bull run resumes and those who didn't buy will FOMO back at the top.

4. Think about the past Tesla news where they sold 75% of their BTC..

Tesla has sold way before the announcement.

Retailers sentiment: "hey bro, did you hear the news regarding the BTC sell from Tesla?

If they, that are smart and big have sold, i need to sell too!

5. These are news made to spread fear across the market in order to make sure that you don't buy.

Contrary, do you remember the "bullish" narratives?

@cryptocom advertisement at Superbowl.

@CoinbaseExch IPO launch • @elonmusk BTC purchases

6. Those were "bullish" narratives that had marked the last cycle top.

Their aim was only one: make sure that you don't sell and possibly buy more.

7. This is why you always need to be careful with "news".

Mass media are not your friends, they're just butchers and retailers are the sheeps.

Sheeps always get slaughtered in the markets.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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