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Scam Alert: Scam Pam Or Legit?

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Scam pumps

And why to avoid them

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Sometimes you have a great building project that does that 10-20x plus in 2-3 years and suddenly a shit coin does 6x in 2h then you start to question WTF is wrong with my project

There are proiects that don't do nothing but have so low mc that can pump 5-10x ++ in hours but 99% of them fails

If you invest in every small cap there is more chance that you will lose money than gain

DYOR and invest visely

When you do research and see how the team is building but the price is not increasing much its not always bad.

If team is not selling, then all it means either marketing is lacking, bear market in progress or whales accumulate and keep the price low to get alot of coins

I learned the hard way that chasing pumps lost me more than I gained, there were times gained that 3x just to lose 90% of it in the next trade

So the moral is:

Invest in only good projects you did research on Don't chase pumps or you will be exit liquidity

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