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Money Management 101 – Money Management and Money Management

Risk management and Money management sheet for all CT out there

A proper money management and risk management will not lead you to burn all your capital and helps you to scale your positions.

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Features Calculates quantity of initial margin Calculates PNL Calculates the percentage of the asset move ( Depends on your SL and TP) Calculates your SL and TP Calculates your ROE value and percentage Calculates win and loss overall

Performance chart Compounding table

Here are the details needs to be fill in

Position Token Entry and Exit Leverage Initial margin RR ratio % (based on your initial margin) Time stamp this one is automatically filled when you choose your position

How to get these i have 2 condition

Register on my link on using your binance account traderwagon @traderwagon

Here's my link

Send me your recent futures trading history, atleast have a recent trading history on binance.

TraderWagon: Cryptocurrency Social Trading Platform

Or condition 2 you can buy this template for only 20 i can adjust some of the details based on your preferrences.

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