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Comdex and Comdex Continue To Be Crypto’s Stablecoin

1/ It's okay to have the fear of "is crypto safe at the moment?" due to the market's devaluation lately resulting from the FTX scandal & massive bearish dip of the official crypto lords BTC, ETH, etc. Comdex DeFi Web3

2/ However, I believe this is the period where protocols are learning from "cause and effect" and taking into cognizance the lessons to create a reformative structure for a better experience.

3/ Comdex is one of those protocols. As a part of the Cosmos ecosystem which has in its best way, maintained reduced volatility even with the market, Comdex is thriving to a more stable platform for its users. Comdex blockchain

4/ Hence, the introduction of its @Harbor_Protocol – HARBOR and its @Composite_Money – CMST.

CMST will serve as the stablecoin of Comdex and Cosmos ecosystems in addition to others pegged to 1.

5/ CMST, unlike other stablecoins that lose their peg easily, will be deeply rooted as an over-collaterized stablecoin sustained by high levels of debt collateral & in addition uses the Harbor Protocol comprising a number of modules to maintain its peg. IBCGang DeFi

6/ HARBOR and CMST will be a resilient combo-force in the Cosmos ecosystem and the crypto industry at large.

Look out for the Comdex duo. The market is never the limitation to the possibility of crypto.

7/ Join the @ComdexOfficial community: Comdex DeFi Web3 IBCGang

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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