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5 HIGHLY FAMINES IN HISTORY: Food Shortage, Famine and the March of Pigs

Food Shortage can degenerate to extreme levels, causing famines with ravaging effects and mortalities.



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The Great Famine, Ireland

A potato disease outbreak in 1845 resulted in mass starvation, with over 1.5 million mortalities and 2 million people displaced.

The North Korean Famine

Continuously heavy rainfall in 1995 caused a flooding that destroyed over 1.5 million tons of grain reserves and almost all cultivated farm lands. This famine claimed about 3 million human lives.

The Bengal Famine

Amidst the 2nd World War, floods destroyed 3200 Square Miles of farm land, a fungus destroyed 90% of rice crops at the same time. The Bengal Famine recorded 7 million deaths.

The Soviet Famine

The collectivisation policy implemented at the time caused reactions from farmers which included the hoarding of crops and seeds for individual consumption. This degenerated into mass starvation that killed an estimated 10 million people.

The Great Chinese Famine

A host of factors are on record to have caused this crisis. Notable amongst them is the depletion of the food production workforce and drastic diversion into iron and steel production. The Great Chinese Famine resulted in over 15 million mortalities.

There's a need for all to stand together and ensure food security in our world. It starts with prioritising support for farmers!

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