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Bitcoin and Stock Market Update: The Starting Point

Morning update:

This week will be interesting. Looking at BTC chart, we can see that it broke down from the volatility squeeze it was forming for the past few days. Too early to say anything, but this could be the start of the final capitulation event/week👀

Secondly, looking at the schedule for this week, things could be very interesting. Today, the president of ECB, Mrs. Lagarde is speaking while on Wednesday, J. Powell will likely come out with another wake-up call for the bulls😅 StockMarket

Central banks are not done raising interest rates and this could significantly impact the stock market where the bulls are expecting a pivot🤦‍♂️In general, we are expecting a red week for stocks and so do our algorialgorithms📉

We have been warning about a potential stock market crash for quite some time. Two hours ago, @KevinSvenson_

posted an interesting chart explaining his thoughts on this and how could the drop impact the BTC price👇

Kevin Svenson on Twitter

Not the nicest thing you will hear today, but definitely a very likely scenario👀📉🩸 Bitcoin

Last but not least, the vibe in the crypto market does not feel like we already saw the final capitulation📉 Everyone is too confident in the market so new lows are very likely. In order to truly bottom, we need a lot of liquidations and panic in the market👀 Crypto bearmarket

Anyway, let’s see how things will play out over the coming days before calling for the goblin town😅

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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