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Bitcoin Futures Still Down, But Momentum Remains Low

SPX futures still down, appears to be rejecting from 200ma. Watch closely. Recently stocks go up, crypto does nothing, but stocks go down and so does crypto 😅 but there are better ppl to follow than me for Bitcoin updates and busy irl so just quick look at how I'm playing BTC

No new catalyst yet but spot vol still down so expecting another trip to 15k before the bounce / liquidity grab at 17-18k. Late shorters might get f'd. Bullish divergence trying to form with OBV + RSI so all hope isn't lost yet. Few alts look bounceable

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Yes my 21,422 short is still open. Wanted to open another intraday BTC short upon midrange rejection but accidentally confused Bybit accts & doubled original short instead🤦‍♂️🤬 so entry price + ROI% change & forced to move S/L into profit to close b4 pump

This Guy knows what's up on Twitter

This late short zone is still valid imo but we'll see what the charts look like after a lil bounce and narrow the final entry range then. Not a big fan of drawing lines on charts but this is roughly what I'm expecting. No double bottom but maybe triple 🤞

This Guy knows what's up on Twitter

All the known potential catalysts fall at the end of this week so that could be the cause of the bounce or further downside depending upon how they go:

Nov 30: Powell speaks Dec 01: Core PCE Dec 02: (Un)employment numbers

Will hit some altcoin charts this afternoon gotta go ✌️

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