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Here’s What Bitcoin Should Do With “Lack of BTC”

This @chivowallet is holding back BTC adoption in major way. Inexcusable that Lightning invoices are not default. The Chivo only invoice option must be axed. The @IMFNews won’t be what kills BTC adoption in ElSalvador but horrible user interface of Chivo wallet might. FIX IT!!

Compare the above video to this one posted by @BitcoinEkasi showing kids from their project quickly buying fruit with Bitcoin at a major grocery store in South Africa.

- How in the world is it so unworkable still in ElSalvador?

So many very good solutions out there. @PoweredbyIBEX @BTCBeachWallet @Strike @BtcpayServer - It has been over a year and @chivowallet is still failing at this.

When will this change @AlphaPointLive ?

The @chivowallet only QR code has to be scrapped. The store employees think this is a BTC QR code and they will not take the steps to generate an actual BTC QR because they are afraid it won’t work and they will have the payment deducted from their salary.

There are great features in the @chivowallet like the way it is easy to go back and forth between bank accounts. The problem is @AlphaPointLive seems more interested in creating a closed system of internal QR codes than really promoting BTC interoperability.

I completely get the need for a government option and as long as everyone can use the wallet of their choice I think having @chivowallet is great - But it needs to work and it needs to get rid of the QR option that only works with other Chivo wallets.

Visiting Bitcoin tourists consistently complain that they are unable to use Bitcoin outside of ElZonte. The business say they accept BTC but if the are using @chivowallet 95% of the time they generate a Chivo only QR code & they are afraid to let you show them how to create BTC

You have to make the default option a Lightning QR- @AlphaPointLive can still do a behind the scenes spreadsheet adjustment for @chivowallet to Chivo purchases. (Just like most other wallets do). Let’s show the world what ElSalvador and Bitcoin can do!

@MattAhlborg @chivowallet @IMFNews That said it had been a year now and from what I have seen @AlphaPointLive doesn’t really care about Bitcoin. Their goal seems to be to create a gated government/private payments system. The time for having patience is coming to an end

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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