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Bitcoin Chart Analysis – 6.9/10 – Bitcoin and Litecoin


Just adding to my main count/target (still prefer the 6.9k however it gets there at around this point of time:



Just zoomed in and on a fresh chart to show some of the macro. Path may not be directly down and won't surprise me if not. It won't be easy,


Can stretch out that time in a diagonal...tbh this looks kinda weird but so does the waves all way down.

This scenario given the current lack of sellers and buyers would not surprise me. But maybe some news or equities kicks it down a lot further in the more bearish counts

4 /

High TF, if cycle complete can be something like this, if we are lucky and crypto has a future (most coins prob won't)

5 / lastly this is my alternative high TF count.

I'd consider this count unlikely & but possible

I consider it cycle complete and theres issues I speak of listed on the chart as per attached

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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