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Guerrilla: Guerrilla Attack Strategy

A must read if you are actively and passively into Crypto Btc and cryptolord


Guerilla Documentary crypto

In the 3rd century BC, Fabius Maximus Verrucosus who was known as the "father of guerrilla warfare devised the Fabian strategy, which the Roman Republic used

against her opponent.

The history of guerrilla warfare stretches back to ancient history.

While guerrilla tactics can be

viewed as a natural continuation of prehistoric warfare,it's been used by big folks in the modern era

The tactics is known as Guerilla Attack Strategy or just GORILLA

A Guerrilla Attack Strategy is where

series of small attacks are carried out against a company(relative) or product to dislodge it from a market position.

This strategy is used to silently disengage big companies and organizations.

The objective of a Guerrilla Attack Strategy is to confuse and overwhelm the competitor with a relentless series of regular attacks.

The elements of Attack can be anything and doesn't have to be attacks through direct marketing alone .

Some other elements of business campaign are cyberhacks,internal information exposure and more.

Most initiators use this strategy to disengage the current market advantage a company or product is having until it becomes a disadvantage everyone has to see.

many initiator do this to eliminate a competing company of similar product so they can override them while they overtake the market share or gain control This kind of competitors of similar product can be Adidas Vs Nike ,Louis Vuitton Vs Calvin Klein,Coke Vs pepsi,web2 Vs web3...

web3 Vs web5,old tech Vs new tech

or any similar competitors of the same product type

While this sounds interesting enough, Guerilla is used sometimes by initiators to totally vanish a particular product in the mind of its users and adaptors

What if Guerilla is currently taking place on the

crypto space ?

how would this likely happen?How would you know?

Guerilla is almost an unstoppable strategic force, courtesy to the fact that it can't be easily detected or noticed till it is done.

To disengage a giant element in business,a Guerilla would attack based on this models

Stronghold zone

Vulnerability zone

Free Fall zone

Stronghold zone

Is the most important zone of this strategy as this is considered the strongest part of all zones

attack is needed so as to move users to a more vulnerable atmosphere. The goal of this zone is not necessarily to demarket the zone but to totally take

...out users from the stronghold to the vulnerability zone

Vulnerability zone

where anyone is vulnerable and prone to direct attacks/personal attacks rather than group attacks.

In Guerrillas,this zone is very important for Guerrillas as it determines their next big move

the vulnerability zone is naturally a zone with easy access to flaws, attacks and lot of weakness, individual gets to feel the effect of every

attack placed on them. If the attacks are successful, y'all will move to the freefall zone

Freefall zone Freefall zone is the finishing zone, where everyone are left defenseless and finished.

Stronghold zone attributes to



Vulnerability zone are your decentralized exchanges and wallets

Freefall zone are the exit trapset for holders.

Reasons for a likely guerilla attack on crypto?


for Regulations

II) for launch of a new product in the crypto space

III) call for an upgrade

This post doesn't mean this is right,it's a speculation But you need to be worried if - you see more reasons to move to a safer zone -You see More stronghold getting crumbled

-there are more people moving to DEX


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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