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State of #Altcoins (Bitcoin) Ponzis Alert

State of Altcoins (1/5)

I haven't entered any altcoins after taking profit on the last entries (eg INJ) being patient.

BTC is still consolidating sub 17,5k. July scenario has stayed the same.

The last few days, you saw short-term opportunities, 2x - 6x pumps & sell-offs.

State of Altcoins (2/5)

New listings: While some newer listings pumped up to 600% in the last days, even older listings pumped ~150%, followed by fast sell-offs

Mid-channel to 6x 🚀

Moral of the day: Follow the money. Follow the new ponzis attracting new community members

State of Altcoins (3/5)

The recent pumps are not HTF signals yet, but short-term pumps with fast sell-offs.

Older listings like top gainer WAN/BTC : Analyze the insights in the chart for a manual to screen for remaining short-term setups

State of Altcoins (4/5)

WAN/USD 1. Consolidation sub horizontal key support 0,158 (similar to sub 17,5k PA for Bitcoin)

2. Pump to retest 360MA DAILY

3. Sell-off and trying to close back inside HTF falling wedge

-> short-term opportunity but no HTF signal or reversal yet

State of Altcoins (5/5)

We are still waiting for HTF signals. All eyes are on Bitcoin. And still, you probably find similar setups. Enjoy the hunt! 🦁

Reminder: Sell the 3D retest of 360MA ALT/BTC before the sell-off like COS/BTC 👇

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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