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QQ Q1 2018: A Look at the Charts Before Tomorrow's Big Move Up

1. Let's take a look at the charts before tomorrow's busy day!

✅ QQQ Nasdaq Chart ✅ SPX Stock Market Chart ✅ DXY / US Dollar Index Chart ✅ Crypto Big Move Indicator Chart ✅ BTC / Bitcoin Chart ✅ Conclusion

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2. QQQ Chart

I've zoomed into the chart to point out a large gap below the current price level that has a 70% chance of getting filled. Usually the SPX follows what the QQQ chart has done before hand.

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3. SPX Chart

Again I've zoomed into the chart to make you focus on the gap below the price level. This lines up with the gap on the QQQ chart. There is a 70% chance the upper blue area gets filled.

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4. DXY Chart

Expecting the price to go slowly up to the median 50% level, ready for tomorrow's news releases.

Then price to start creating some big moves after the news releases!

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5. Crypto Big Move Indicator Chart

The indicator is going down very quick and may create a new lower low (LL). This is saying that a big move is way over due and expecting Bitcoin to do a ±8% move in the near future and breakout of the purple wedge pattern!


6. BTC / Bitcoin Chart

Finally let's check in on the biggest crypto coin.

Can see price just sitting on the purple wedge resistance, because traders are waiting for the US news releases tomorrow and don't want to get caught out.

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7. Conclusion

a) Stocks markets may go down and fill the gap, crypto may go down (small move) following the stock markets.

b) DXY going to the median before news release suggests big move coming.

c) Bitcoin waiting for US news release before breaking purple wedge pattern.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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