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Bitcoin Price Tops Mining Cost, But Are They Happy Now?

At present, the BTC price has come below the main mining machine mining cost, the deep bear further confirmed that the market sentiment has almost come to the freezing point btc eth crypto

From a macro perspective The Fed rate hike may stop in the first half of next year but the release of water is likely to take until 2024 with half the good news

From the micro point of view: MacroMicro data shows that the mining cost price has been higher than the currency price

The Glassnode 28 data shows that miners are currently selling coins to survive, recently selling 135% of their tokens Killing a miner means the bear market is in its worst phase. Projects and Financing

This is the best thing to be happy about. The first half of the 2022 bear market alone saw 1,199 rounds of funding worth 30.3 billion -- more than all of 2021!

Some people only see the endless bleak now, but some people see tomorrow will be better in the future.

And some projects, such as L2 Arbitrum, although not issued coins, but the transaction volume is rising rapidly According to CICC data, the global cryptocurrency ownership rate is currently 4.2% on average, with more than 320 million crypto users worldwide.

From all aspects of the situation, eight words: Be confident and patient. In terms of investment mode, individuals generally adopt a monthly consumption of 1/12 of the fund, and will continue to plan to next year

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