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Crypto to Make My Son A Better Life After I Was Declared a Legend

--- Why I am in Crypto ---

My history At the start I went 100 into crypto and thought as many young ones lets make it 100k in a week...








After losing 50% in stupid trades I went another 150 but this time HODL 2 coins not trading not doing shit

From that 200 I have made 1K Was happy about it so sold my bike and some stuff and entered more

At one point had 10k but my baby boy born and we couldn't

Live in a 1 room 14m squared So we looked for a small apartment and

I withdraw 9k to cover the initial mortgage needed

Did extra hours to make another 1K into crypto and I went all in 2k on @PancakeSwap after doing the research that old @binance members made it

Turned my 2k into 50k + and no one believed me I will help my poor fam and my wife's I never had easy in life, had some times I didn't eat dinners cuz couldn't afford it So I took about 15k and helped: My mum Wife's parents

Wife's sister Wife's husband A friend in need

They all thank me to this day, I did it so they can have a better life Took another 10k out and bought my dreams: TV PS5 Coffee express Some furniture

Then it all went to shit...

Was starting trading and lost 50% and I left with 10K withdrawn it and wanted to invest in this current bear market...

My dad died and we found out he had debts, so I payed them for my my mother and left with 0

So I sold some not used stuff and entered with

2K thats now worth 1.3k was going to buy 50-70 minimum monthly but my wife lost a job and I am the only provider doing double shifts to support my fam. I cannot buy more crypto atm but I am not sad... I was poor then both in money and spirit... I am poor now but

Only in in spirit I am very happy because of that boy on the picture...

Thats why I am grinding hard both life and tweeter to make him a better life

Never give up! Lets grind till we make it

If you managed to read till now then hats off to u

So to end this with an answer.

I am in crypto to make my son a better life so after I am gone He can remember me as a Legend.

My dad wasn't interested about me won't make this happen to my son

And hats of if you made this far.

You deserve my respect if you did.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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