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5 Reasons Why BTC Pump 5% CT: OOH 1.0, oOH 4.5%

BTC pump 5% CT: oOU we are missing out...

Wanna be smarter then 99% of people in crypto ? 1. Focus on macro structure 2. Follow all markets at all times 3. NEVER FOMO, doesn't matter how bullish it can gets at times, never fomo. 4. Never chase green candles = emotions 5. Let the entry come to you = patience

Remember that majority can't be right, it's never gonna happen, someone need to lose in order for you to win.

- You would be surprise how many big CT influencers don't stick to this rules, imagine having 1mln + followers and don't understanding market fundementals + people follow advices from them = rekt majority.

There are exceptions like:

Crypto Tony on Twitter
This post is based on this twitter thread.


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