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BTC Needs to Die – BTC Won’t Be On Board

They are literally warning people and they still won't take it on board Bitcoin BTC XRP XRP

@hsiddakolrac For other nations essentially

@hsiddakolrac They made a point this morning that FTX is pushing people to self custody and this is what they will target with the Unhosted wallets thing, sounds like they will be pushing it sooner rather than later with MiCA 2 already being worked on

@hsiddakolrac MiCA in practice will also hit Centralized exchanges selling Privacy coins in the EU Area, if this gets widely adopted then more will follow.

Privacy-Enhancing Crypto Coins Could Be Banned Under Leaked EU Plans

@hsiddakolrac I think BTC needs to die in order for Crypto to thrive with Utility, it's closer than you imagine. UK gov already using Blockchain in the Health service, HBAR for Armed forces, we have a NET Zero finance plan which will involve blockchain.

@hsiddakolrac Gold is sound money since the beginning, it's a means of transfer, it's used in Electronics as a conductor etc.... Tokenized on the Blockchain it's easily transferrable via XRPL too.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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