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(+) Sign Up For ATH Every Day Since Launch – Encrypted Signing Bridge

DGTV ..mark this tweet ..Look at the roadmap in my thread cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Ethereum BTC ETH bnb coinbase

Live beta Dapp from launch ✅ App listed on Google Store

✅ DogeChain bridge under construction ✅ New ATH every day since launch

✅ Listed on CG & CMC

✅ Dextools Trending ✅ Free PPV access ✅ IOS Beta App

✅ Windows App ✅ Mac App ✅ Betting platform Beta

They are not done ..this is whats coming Upcoming 🔜

🔲 NFT Ecosystem - earn 🔲 Partnerships with projects

🔲 Betting platform all sport 🔲 Live Ad Spots 🔲Alpha Package Launch

🔲Dogechain Bridge

🔲 CEX Listings

And something big is coming ..any guesses ?

🔲??? Secret

We are going to pull a 100xgem ..LFG my friends!!!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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