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The Most Interesting Bitcoin Wallets to Avoid



is a layer 2 solution for Bitcoin that allows for really interesting stuff like SmartContracts and Stablecoins on the best asset in the world, BTC

Here are my recommendations for my favorite wallets to interact with!

2-7 For the browser I am a fan of @Liquality_io

It works very much like @MetaMask with a few important distinctions

1- It's open source 2- @RSKsmart comes already pre installed 3- They don’t track you like MM does

3-7 I think as a user we should move as much as possible to use platforms that align with our values Think of it as a “vote in the kind of world you want to live in”

Which is why @Liquality_io

wins over @MetaMask

for me

4-7 For the mobile users there is @defiantApp

A great project with a great team behind it

The only wallet that allows you to hold BTC in the main chain, LightningNetwork

and @RSKsmart

within the same app!!!


5-7 @LatamXo gets an honorable mention, I’ve only started playing with it recently but it has nice features

With some social media functions and a way to keep a contact list of your friend’s wallets

6-7 The last I’ll mention is @TallyCash the only community owned wallet

Created by a DAO this wallet has been on my radar for a while

They have recently announced support for @RSKsmart will come in the next update!

7-7 All this wallets are self custody, this is very important Recent events have taught us “Not your keys, Not your Coins!”

Always keep your seed phrase safe and hidden

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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