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Monaco’s Executive Coaching: “They’re Open To Confidence”

So often I get asked HOW I invest into or believe in a venture other than my own.

My answer is always the same: if the founder is someone that impresses me, someone I can respect for their discipline and values. @BinanceTR @BinanceUK BTC USDTether الارجنتين_بولندا like4like

There are too many “fast money” characters out there, living a fast life, drinking and smoking to excess and lacking personal discipline in many areas.

I am observant and extremely wary of such characters when it comes to business.

Investing in such founders carries a high level risk since financial risk and volatility will be intrinsically linked into their DNA.

They also tend not to be “coachable” since they believe they “know it all”.

Hence the best founders and entrepreneurs “self select” themselves onto my Monte Carlo retreat where they know they are open to re-wiring their belief systems around wealth and re-evaluate their value hierarchy so that they are operating from a position of “power” not “fear”.

Financial and Personal Success is pretty much guaranteed when you implement the high standards I demand at the Monte Carlo training.

I am honoured to say that this year’s intake for Monte Carlo has far surpassed any previous year hands down

and I cannot wait to share their success stories with you hereafter.

To learn more about this Executive Coaching, fill in this free questionnaire about you and your goals 👉 DM “MM”

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