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How POW: Money Storage Can Revolutionize Power Storage

Power is the ability to influence other people and things.

Money is storage for power.

Now enjoy my ridiculously long 🧵about proofofwork (i.e.- my favorites: btc, ltc, kda )

Money is stored power that can be expended for good or for evil. It’s not a weapon, but it can be exchanged for one. The problem with money is that most money is easily manipulated/corruptible.

Proof of work creates money that is not. The cost to manipulate money secured by POW cannot be justified by an attacker. As such, it is possibly the purest form of stored power.

This is the reason for government paralysis on the subject: If they “allow” individual sovereignty they risk loss of the ability to manipulate money/power/people/things, but could transfer their power into incorruptible storage to build their dominance within the use case.

If they do not adopt the technology and acknowledge individual sovereignty within the use case they retain their dominance, but risk being last to the table of adoption and as a result, lose dominance to other countries and even individuals.

The countries (and people) who understand that adoption is the only option will become incredibly powerful in the future and could surpass much more powerful (kinetically) people/governments.

The problem for both camps is how do we make a successful transition from manipulatable power storage (fiat) to a pure power storage when the banks stand to take the largest hit in terms of dominance?

In this way, the governments have adoption of currency secured by POW by the balls. But POW-secured-currency also has governments by the balls because, while they can slow down adoption, they cannot stop it and being last to adopt would be catastrophic.

If you aren’t exhausted yet, here are more thoughts about POW:

Proof of work removes all influence of physical violence from it’s money (and any other viable use case it is applied to.)

In other words, it removes “fitness” from the power equation allowing a farmer in Minnesota to defend his/her assets to the same degree as a nuclear superpower holding enough kinetic fighting power to destroy the world.

It allows for absolute individual sovereignty under each of it’s use cases. It makes your property YOUR property.

It abolishes all other power hierarchies and creates a linear power hierarchy where the one with the most property has the most power. Not physical/kinetic superiority, not attractiveness, not popularity, not intelligence, not political affiliation, not nation state membership.

The individual sovereignty protected by POW applies only within the parameters of each use case.

What are the use cases?

All humbling feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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