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5 Things I Should Have Done To Get Done

Been trading crypto for 6 years.

But early trading mistakes set me back a lot.

I will share the 5 most important things I should have done differently to help you reach your goals faster. BTC Crypto ETH NFTs FIFAWorldCupQatar2022

1. Save More Money

I started trading with 500. It was the 2017 bull market so that went up quickly.

Turning a 500 --> 5000 is A LOT harder than just making 4500 in crypto...

You can 10x your portfolio with a fraction of the work.

Save Minimum: 5000 ideally 10,000

This doesn't have to be crypto; save, spend less, sell items around the house

Follow me and drop me a DM for a free guide on how to go 0-10k in crypto.

2. Simplicity Wins

New traders think they need special indicators and a strategy that looks like a PHD Mathematics formula.

This is a lie gurus tell you to sell to you.

The basics are all you need.

New traders master;

- Support/Resistance

- Moving Averages - Risk Management - Psychology

That's all you need to become a profitable trader.

I've also released some courses on all of them.

3. Don't Do It Alone

I did everything alone for 3 years.

Just free online resources and my own data.

This was cheap in but EXTREMELY expensive in time.

I learned more from a few calls with experts than I would in 6 months of trading alone.

Look for someone who's done it before

A good mentor will save years and increase your probability of success.

It helped me so much I started a podcast with over 50+ millionaires, traders and investors.

I also guide aspiring traders in my free telegram group.

4. Keep a Journal

Trading has lots of fun things.

Journaling is not one of them.

At the start I just made sure my portfolio went up and I was happy.

If you want to do this consistently for years that's not good enough.

Keep track of your trades.

See what's working and what isn't.

Make sure you're running a +EV system with low risk of ruin.

Review every week, every month and every year.

The boring work will give you an edge over the competition.

5. Pick 1-3 Assets

Here's an underrated unfair advantage.

Focus on 1-3 assets and master them. You will understand it's unique patterns, ebbs and flows.

I recommend BTC and ETH for new traders.


When I found my first HYPER profitable intra day strategy.

I was making 500-5000 per trade and barely losing. I knew this wouldn't last forever.

So I did nothing else. I slept by my computer with alarms on all night.

Woke up 6-7 times every night to trade...

After a few months, was rewarded with 6 figures profit and 2 years of insomnia.

Worst trade of my life. Lol

Always maintain MVP Health;

Sleep: 7-9 hours a night Diet: Mostly whole foods Exercise: 30 mins a day Meditation: 10 mins a day

Key Lessons

- Save More Money - Simplicity Wins - Don't Do It Alone - Keep a Journal - Specialise in 1-3 Assets - Health first. Always.

That's everything.

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