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Breaking: How Recent Beta Outcome Has Sent Sent Sentiments From A Falling Market

1/ @GoblinBots is back in business on @AstrabitTrading 💪🏻

It's a low time-frame BTC scalper that trades ~20x / month.

You can get 15% for two months using code AVIATOR_GOBLIN_15 when you checkout 🤑

Let's look at how recent beta went.



- Ran from 10/25 - 11/30

- 1,000 inital funds

- 0.1% Fees and Slippage accounted for

- Leveraged returns from 24 trades were as follows:

- 1x: +12%

- 3x: +38%

- 5x: +66%


Here are results from a one year backtest:

What's a backtest you ask?

TL;DR is you take the strategy and run it against historical data to see how it does/would perform.


Fancy a look at its backtest trading log, along with live trade results?

Here ya go.

Goblin Chop Bot Results v2


I was Goblin when he first came on and had high hopes. Strategy didn't perform quite as promised so he decided to pull and revamp.

I was apart of beta and experienced similar results as posted above.

Looking forward to seeing this long term


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ByBit Account/Sub Account setup -

Bot Setup -

Crypto 101 - Setting Up Exchanges | APIs | Sub Accounts
Trading Bots - Full Overview (Setup, API, Settings, Examples)
This post is based on this twitter thread.


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