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Altcoins Report Big Gains, Bitcoin Price Loses $20M in Trades

Today's jobs report powered the DXY jump, along with the plummet of risk-on assets.

After the better-than-expected payroll data, some major altcoins are recovering from the dump while BTC still posts minor losses.

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2/ BTC soared over 17,000 right ahead of the jobs report, but in response to the strong data indicating a smaller chance of the Fed's dovish move, it suffered a drop of 1.5% to 16,800 immediately.

BTC then recovered a bit to 16,900, marking a 0.15% drop in the past 24h.

3/ ETH followed TC’s price action with a plunge of 1.4% after the jobs report. The coin then bounced back slightly higher than where it was at the beginning of Friday.

Top gainers: TWT GMX LUNC Top losers: LRC ETHW FTM

Cryptocurrency Prices Heatmap, Market Cap, Charts & Widget – COIN360

4/ With their 3D release, @InvsbleFriends (+1,419%) became the most impressive performer today as the 2 collection by trading volume & the biggest winner in terms of volume growth among collections that had >100k trading volume.

Top NFT performers:

NFT Heatmap – Coin360

5/ @ankr & @Helio_Money lost a total of 20M in two attacks earlier today, which saw the hacker take advantage of aBNBc and the HAY stablecoin.

Ankr will buy 5M worth of BNB to compensate affected liquidity providers:

Attackers pocket 20 million in exploits on Ankr and Helio
DeFi protocol Ankr to buy US5 mln of BNB to cover funds lost in exploit

6/ @coinbasewallet announced that users can no longer transfer NFTs using the app on @apple devices due to the App Store policy.

And the issue comes down to money – Apple allegedly wants its cut.

Coinbase Disables NFT Trading on Wallet Due to Apple’s App Store Policies – Here’s What Happened

7/ @mozilla the company behind @firefox browser, revealed its acquisition of the immersive experience developer Active Replica, to help create virtual events.

By the acquisition, Mozilla showed its intention to join Web3 & metaverse development space.

Firefox dev Mozilla goes all-in on metaverse, acquires Active Replica

8/ @Tether_to fired back at the @WSJ reports saying the firm "has not disclosed its USDT stablecoin-issued loans."

Tether said its secured loans are "extremely overcollateralized and even backstopped by additional equity if needed."

Tether Hits Back at WSJ, Claims Its USDT Loans Are 'Overcollateralized'

9/ @MagicEden launched the Open Creator Protocol, a feature that enforces creator fees on all new @Solana NFT collections.

The open-source tool allows creators to choose how they enforce NFT royalties on their collections.

Magic Eden Embraces NFT Royalties with Open Creator Protocol - NFTgators

10/ South Korea’s city gas and energy group Daesung’s venture capital subsidiary recently established a fund worth 110B Korean won (84.5M) for expanding investments into startups in the metaverse industry.

S. Korea’s energy conglomerate builds US84M metaverse fund

11/ Thailand's V Ventures, a subsidiary of Thoresen Thai Agencies (TTA) public company, reportedly reached a deal to acquire @zipmex

The VC fund is about to acquire Zipmex for about 100M in digital assets and cash.

Thai VC fund acquires troubled exchange Zipmex for 100M: Report

12/ According to a new proposal dated Dec. 1, @FantomFDN seeks to implement an affiliate program for its dapp devs with network gas fees.

This would see FTM token burn rate slashed from 20% to 5% if approved.

Fantom wants to cut token burn rate by 75% to fund DApp rewards program

13/ @AlamedaResearch bore the brunt of a 1B loss incurred by @FTX_Official last year.

A trader leveraged hard on MOB, causing the price to skyrocket from 6 to 70 then used the position to borrow money from FTX.

Alameda was forced to step in.

Alameda Research Shouldered FTX Loss of Up to 1B Following Client's Leveraged Trade in 2021: FT

14/ @galaxyhq won a bid to buy @GK8_Security a custodial business that @CelsiusNetwork acquired in November 2021.

Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital might buy crypto custodian GK8 from Celsius - Ethereum World News

15/ Other news:

@stripe launches fiat-to-crypto onramp solution:

WEF denies it asked @Shibtoken to work with them on metaverse global policy:

Stripe Launches Fiat-To-Crypto Onramp Solution | UseTheBitcoin
WEF denies it asked Shiba Inu to work with them on metaverse global policy

16/ Front-running scams rampant on YouTube with 500% surge in 2022: @CertiK

NY wants crypto startups to pay 5 times per year for BitLicense:

@cronos_chainbased CroLend rug pulls 600K from users:

Front-running scams rampant on YouTube with 500% surge in 2022: CertiK
NY Wants Crypto Startups To Pay 5 Times Per Year for BitLicense
Cronos-Based Algorithmic Lending Protocol Rug Pulls 600K From Users

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