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5 Ways to Invest in Surreal Estate: A Primer to Xian Gaza

Here's a warning from me if you plan to invest in Surreal Estate, a P2E game of Xian Gaza:

- What is Surreal Estate: History - Why is it a ๐Ÿšฉ red flag investment?

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1/ What is Surreal Estate? According to

it is a NFT game where you can own and develop your virtual land in the country of Sur. The governance token itself is in SURD or Surreal Dollars.

Surreal Estate

2/ How does the game work?

Here's an information of the gameplay about Surreal Estate.

3/ SURD tokenomics:

Take a look and have an insight of the tokenomics of the game's governance token, Surreal Dollars.

4/ The team behind Surreal Estate:

The website only shows one team member which is only the founder, also known as Xian Gaza.

5/ Now you have a peak of what's Surreal Estate is all about, let's take a look now deeper why it is a red flag investment and P2E, one by one.

6/ If you are buying SURD, your payment will go through GCash or Bank Account Details which is a red flag. If it is either pre-sale, private sale, or IPO, you should instead send your assets to a contract address. Every legitimate NFT game like Axie Infinity does this.

7/ If you know that your money is going through someone's personal bank account and not company's wallet, it is a red flag. No transparency of where does the money of the investors go.

It should go instead to a contract wallet address of SURD.

8/ Oops! The contract address does not exist. When you go into the Surreal Estate website itself, you can't COPY the contract address.

The CA of SURD is: Oxel4aa9cf6d67796f9454870d22de577a71343a8d

Check it for yourself on Etherscan.

9/ ETH addresses always start with 0x, it's obvious that the supply is:

- imaginary, doesn't exist - the token SURD doesn't exist on Etherscan - the tokenomics of SURD is fake since the CA does not exist. Fake.

10/ If the project is legitimate, you should have your tokens already on your wallets. That's very obvious. Surreal Estate needs a blockchain developer to do that with multiple contract security audits for transparency.

11/ On the Facebook page itself, he also posted a photo of himself with mining rigs. Yes, that's for mining and NOT for Surreal Estate development servers.

Majority of his followers are not literate at crypto, that's why I want you to know that this is for mining.

12/ What's the point?

There's no connection of him taking a picture at someone's mining rigs with his NFT game that's under development.


He's late, the hype for P2E games are over. P2E is NOT SUSTAINABLE. P2E in fact won't boom if there's no players coming in.

14/ Translation: Xian wants only to focus instead on buying and investing into game and not to focus on gameplay for a promising ROI of almost 10x by 2023. Let me explain on 15 what's the point.

15/ If you promise someone that you will profit Xs in a year, that's already a red flag.

2023 is not bull market and only a sideways market. He things he will get the same hype as Axie Infintiy did.

Accept the fact. This is a total scam.

16/ Surreal Estate is being compared to AXS of Axie Infinity? FYI, Axie Infinity is more transparent than Surreal Estate.

Surreal Estate will not have the same hype as Axie Infinity. Investors with high financial literacy won't fall for a game with no transparency.

17/ Surreal Estate was founded in the year of 2021, the first post of the FB page. That time, Axie Infinity is on hype.

Xian Gaza used the Axie hype in order to lure investors to invest in his game that promises a big ROI and his game will be the next Axie Infinity.

18/ He is even imagining that @McDonalds will invest into Surreal Estate for advertisement. Who will pay 2M USD for just a game advertisement? Just a promise to lure investors into his game.

@McDonalds 19/ Lastly, looking at the team in the website, Surreal Estate only have Xian Gaza, we don't even know the developers' name, the team behind Surreal Estate. Meaning, it is hidden and not transparent. A red flag as well. You must know who is the team behind a game.

@McDonalds /end

That should be enough why NOT to invest in Surreal Estate!

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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