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Bitcoin Price Direction: Hold The Low

btc Overall market belief and direction

Currently a range that looks to be breaking but is sneaky contained within 17172 (later on this)

If bull, expecting this. Want a low volume retest of 16.7/4 to validate the range being a local bottom. Otherwise, braking through 16.4 not a good look. The alternative idea is here if we do. Break through, attack lows, run highs and then die for real.

In sum though, we are stuck at 17172, quite precisely as a matter of fact.

Some may think this was prepared ahead of time, but I just flicked it on to see. The cloud and the levels we talked about 16.2/16.7 are validated by the cloud bottom and kujin respectively. The 16.4 is not evident on this tf. Maybe on 1hr let's check.

Oh it is valid even here I missed the flat green cloud near it

Dunno why my tweets are fucking around anyway 1hr waste of time it seems can pump

9 min where I live Volume bad Cloud bad Momentum good. 1hr shows no reason to short however.

Hold the low or I will short

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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