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5 Cryptocurrencies to Trade on Decentralator With $5 Mln Airdrop, $15M Airdropping

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1/@Uniswap launches NFT marketplace aggregator With 5M Airdrop🦄

users can now trade NFTs on its native protocol. As told by Uniswap, the function will initially feature NFT collections for sale on platforms including OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare, Sudoswap, Larva Labs Foundation

As part of launch efforts Uniswap is airdropping 5M USDC to certain historical users of NFT aggregator Genie, based on a wallet snapshot on April 15, 2022

2/the second largest exchange in the US

kraken is laying off 30% of workforce

In the announcement of this exchange, it is stated that due to the macroeconomic conditions, the volume of transactions and also the number of new users of this exchange has decreased.

3/Binance hires audit firm that served Donald Trump to verify crypto reserves Mazars, the accounting firm that worked for Donald Trump’s company, was appointed as an official auditor to conduct a “third party financial verification” as part of Binance’s PoR updates

4/telegram is looking to launch a decentralized exchange for digital currencies. Durov, the CEO of this social network with more than 600 million users, has emphasized that this exchange plans to launch decentralized products, including a non-custodial exchange and wallet🚀

5/Crypto collectibles and nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea has announced plans to integrate BNB Chain on its Web3 NFT marketplace protocol by the end of 2022. The integration with Seaport Protocol will allow users to buy, list and trade BNB Chain NFTs on OpenSea

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