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Bitcoin Price: The Bull Market Is Starting

I, admittedly, dont normally look at LONG charts... But, I saw someone post the 1Y chart for BTC today and I thought that it really said a lot about the market.

SO, I dove a little deeper and looked at 6M and 3M charts for Bitcoin, so see how the 3 of them compare.


For those that are a fan of TA... These charts would indicate that the bottom is either "in" or imminent, and that the BullMarket is starting in the next 3-7 months.

With TA, you have to take a look at other market and world event too, though. What do you think? 2/2

Here is the thing about a "Bull Market"... It does NOT mean that everything just shoots up 1000%.... Just like the bear market, it is a slow and steady rise... Will there be some launches, undoubtedly, but it is generally slow. lol

My opinion... TA - Technical Analysis/ MA - Market/ WA - World

1Y chart - Bearish engulfing... Not a good sign, but low volume. MA: Recent market failures may

cause hesitant money WA: Interest rates and war are bad signs

6M - Top wick is longer, which is a bearish sign, so

it really depends on where this month ends. If we can finish at a price around 18.5K+, I think that it could finish as a spinning top and possibly mark a reversal.

3M - This chart looks most like it could be a set up for "3 stars in the south", which could signal a reversal.

However, as much as I want the the bull run to start, personally, I think that the MA and WA are going to primarily dictate that we stay bearish for at least 3 more months and have to reevaluate from there.

I would love to be proven wrong. Cheers

@KevinArnold1234 I suspect we need another 3 months for the market to get over all the recent failures, hopefully the interest rates to correct, and the stupid war to end...

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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