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The “Internet of Fintech” Has Grows to an All-Time High

1. 💼The blockchain has fortunately brought us so much good and ease of access and procedure in our world today especially In the fintech and this did not just happen overnight It's been a long process that started in October, 2008 as a part of the BTC proposal.



As with other technologies, it is natural for other great minds to grow and curate new options and additions to the already existing technology, this goes to show why the blockchain has continued to grow with sectors like DeFi growing thus as an offspring.



The DeFi; A short form of saying Decentralised Finance is actually a system modelled after the banking sector but with so much improvement and user centered features aimed at removing stress and banking frustrations through decentralized financing procedures.


4. @TribalCredit is one of such Fintechs created to fix problems of Startups as regards access to support facilities from account managements to cross border transactions with TRIBL as a utility token.

The company developed an AI-driven approval system to service startup needs

5. This is projected to assist start-ups around the world to increase access to clients and manage resources on one platform effectively with optimized output using DeFi.

In my next thread I will give more details about @TribalCredit and @tribal_crypto

TRIBL Blockchain BTC

6. Meanwhile, It might interest you to learn more about @TribalCredit, If yes then go have a read on

or join their discord community to mingle and discuss, using:

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- Tribal Ecosystem

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